Pastor’s Note

December – 2019

Advent joy and blessings to all of you!

As we enter the season of Advent, an anticipatory time before Christmas, ‘let every heart prepare him room,’ as we make room in our hearts and our homes for Christmas joy.

I recently heard that the least expensive time to buy a Christmas tree is on Christmas Eve, when the price of an evergreen tree can be as much as half the cost it would have been for all the rest of December. The reason, of course, is that no one in the U.S. waits until Christmas Eve to purchase and put up a tree, however (I’m told) that putting up the Christmas tree is traditionally done on the 24th of December in Germany. We in America do things way earlier than that.

Many of us can’t wait for the Christmas tree to arrive.

I struggle with finding the right balance in the month of December. Part of me wants to buy all the perfect gifts, put out the Christmas letter early, and bake an enormous amount of goodies. And the other part of me wants to relax and remember that if you have your family and your health, you have everything.

How to keep the sentiments balanced is always a struggle and I never seem to find the perfect solution.

That’s why I decided to refocus myself on Walking with Jesus for my sermons this Advent season. I’ve enjoyed the season of gratitude we’ve been celebrating in November and find myself wanting to continue to focus on the way that Jesus brings light to everyone. Walking with Jesus seems to be a great way to reclaim what the phrase “the reason for the season” points to. When commercialism and urges to consume more than is healthy for me overtakes me, I find it helpful to step back and remember the reason for the season.

This Advent season, I invite you to walk with Jesus with me. May our walk bring good tidings of great joy to our hearts, to our families, to our community.

God bless us all,

Pastor Holly